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video camera jamming device

Wszystko co związane z Apple Watch

Postprzez lermitlodeiro So, 20 cze 2020, 11:42:07

With the increasing concerns about the peace among us when we don't want to be interrupted by someone else, especially when we are on the phone communicating with others, then a quiet condition should be important for you. Besides, when you don't want others bother you when you are online or you just don't want to receive the information from the base station at any time or anything else. Here comes the chance for you to create a required condition for yourself, you can come to have a look at jammerinthebox to gain more details to pick up one for further considerations, and it won't you down as you expected.
I want to buy some wifi blockers ,but before that, I want to hear some useful advises, is there are someone could help me? You can check
Posty: 3
Dołączył(a): Śr, 17 cze 2020, 03:37:01
Mój: iPhone 7 Plus
iOS: 4.0
Jailbreak: Tak

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