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Jest Jailbreak na iOS 11 Beta.

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Postprzez robertk572 Pt, 23 cze 2017, 18:30:04

In what is most definitely another turn in the huge cat and mouse game between Apple and the jailbreak community, a group of security researchers has shown off a functional jailbreak on the latest iOS 11 beta 2 firmware at this year’s MOSEC (Mobile Security Conference) 2017 in Shanghai, China.

A tweet coming from the Twitter account of Min Zheng – who is highlighted as a Senior Security Engineer at Alibaba – has shown a new jailbreak tool being executed on iOS 10.3.2 and the latest iOS 11 beta. The user-interface of the jailbreak tool in action attributes the software to “Liang Chen of Tencent Keen Lab,” and shows the jailbreak in varying states on different devices running different firmware. One of those devices is running Apple’s latest iOS 11 beta 2.

With that said, we are currently only sitting on a second public beta of iOS 11 with approximately three months to go before we see a final public release. It simply doesn’t make sense for anyone to release anything at this stage in the process for iOS 11 and let Apple patch any potential exploits prior to that September release.

We have no idea what the jailbreak community has in store for us going forward, but suffice to say that excitement levels have just been ramped up a few notches now that we know it is possible to liberate iOS 11 beta and iOS 10.3.2.
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